Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Bits & Pieces

Over 6 months ago I had gotten a note card in the mail saying that there was a class action lawsuit against Amway and that since we were dealers during that specific time, we may receive something.  I forgot all about it until a couple weeks ago I got a huge heavy box in the mail.  Then the next day I got another one.  I ended up with 8 jugs of laundry detergent, 6 bottles of fabric softener and 6 bottles of stain remover.  Oh, and 3 bottles of echinacea pills.  Anyone have any idea what they are for?  I've heard of people taking echinacea for allergies, but not sure what the reason is.

Jacob & I spent one evening working on building a tote rack for the basement so I can put all my totes of seasonal decor in an organized place.  This is what happens when I leave them randomly on his gun reloading bench or in front of his vet supplies cupboard.  

I got to run the impact drill.  It was a lot of fun!  I thought of many other projects I want to use it for.  Can you tell how excited I was?

On Presidents Day Aunt Jannette, Ester, Mom Knobloch, and I went to Wichita to do some shopping.  Ester's co-worker had told her about this fun Greek restaurant so we ate there for lunch.  You could sign their wall if you wanted to.
We couldn't pronounce, nor did we know what most of the things on the menu was so we ordered an appetizer sampler that had things like hummus, grape leaves, taboulah, kibbeh, kafta, and baba ghannooj.
Yep.  Even these country girls can come to town once in a while.  Hummus was the only thing we had a clue about.  The baba ghannooj was some sort of eggplant dish.  If you are interested in knowing what the other things are you can go to their menu .

We followed it up with Tiramisu.  It's a dessert made with coffee liqueur, lady fingers, and mascarpone cheese.  I have had tiramisu and hummus before.  Otherwise, everything else was broadening my horizens.  It was delish and I would go back!
We saw this cute natural foods store and took a look around.  Their prices scared us, but other than that it was so clean and organized I would have loved to shop there!
You could mix your own trail mix.

Last weekend Kurt, Alex, and Nyla and us went to Washington, IL to see Layne & Heather (Wulf) Steffen.  It was so much fun to travel with other people and it was so good to see Layne, Heather, and baby Gabe!  Unfortunately I don't have very many pictures, but fortunately for you they are all of Miss Nyla!

Such a sweetie!

Isn't she just a cutie!
This one isn't a very good picture, but I had to throw it in there with her all snuggled in with her baby.

This past weekend was our Invite-A-Guest and we had Todd & Kara Strahm.  The weather man was predicting some sleet and snow so most of everyone's guests canceled out.  Meaning, Todd & Kara were half of the guests for the weekend.  There were a couple college guys that were also brave.  So the 144 pieces of fried chicken that I ordered?  Yeah, we had 34 people to eat it.  I was able to cut it down to 96 pieces so it wasn't quite as bad.  But we also had a full roaster of potatoes and a full roaster of green beans that these 34 people needed to eat as well.

So if you know anything about Angry Birds, you must watch this video before I explain the next few pictures.

Todd introduced Nathan to the game Angry Birds.  Then he had to play several levels before handing it over to Nathan.

Nathan finally gets it...
30 minutes later...
And I have more pictures just like the above that proves he is now addicted.

Sunday morning we got a phone call that they were going to cancel the meal that afternoon but would still have church due to the weather.  The weather did basically nothing (remember, I am an Iowa girl) and we had 4 large spaghetti casseroles, 3 loaves of garlic bread, 6 containers of cottage cheese, and 6 dozen ice cream treats to eat.  Hmmm...  So we had the young couples (8) and the young group (4) with a total of 12 people to stuff themselves.  We didn't get rid of near enough food so needless to say, Jacob has a lot of work to do.  Hope you all had a blessed weekend and if anyone knows of a good use for echinacea pills, please let me know!