Saturday, July 18, 2015

Knapp Family Vacation

The 1st ever Knapp family vacation was to Lake Rathbun.  We rented this bed and breakfast, Grey Goose Inn.  It comes highly recommended to anyone wanting to vacation in this area!
Jacob wasn't able to make it due to a late wheat harvest and planting season and was sincerely missed.  Especially by all the nieces and nephews!  But most of all by me!

My first picture of our vacation...
A little accident.  Not my fault :)

The guys got busy playing croquet, bocce ball, and ladder ball.  

The kiddos got to go swimming at Honey Creek Resort.

Uncle Trevor and the newest little Knapp.  I just love this picture!

I told the boys I was going to make sure I put this picture of them in skirts on my blog... so if you see them, tell them how cute they were!

There was lots of teasing going on.  Trevor and Dad are best buds and love to pick on each other.

Grandma brought all the kids bubble guns.  They were definitely a highlight!

Jordan made fantastic wings!  There weren't very many left over!

We all went to a fish hatchery.  The kids loved seeing all the big fish and the adults enjoyed the presentation.  

These little crafters had a most enjoyable time making cards with us.  The lady that owns the bed and breakfast also sells cards and did a card making class with us.

The kiddos building a nest with bocce ball "eggs" and dead grass.  I love seeing them use their imagination!

We then hit up a park on our way back to Mediapolis.

I stayed a few extra days in Mediapolis while my car was getting fixed and helped Trevor on his new house.  I'm so excited for him to have his first house!

Water balloon fight with Drake, Tessa, & Kassie.  I bought one of those water balloon deals that fills 150 balloons at one time and ties them and everything!  It was awesome!

This was my view at Trevor's for several hours.  Scraping paint off the door jams.

Playing games at Grandmas.

Kassie is Grandpa's little girl.  She just climbs right up in his lap and loves on him.  He spoils her rotten, that's for sure!

Hope everyone is staying cool this summer!  It finally got hot here last week and feels like a true Kansas July!  

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

June Instagram

 My goodness!  I am slacking this summer!  Only 2 pictures from instagram in June.

My favorite part of the Madison Days parade.  Thank you for your service Grandpa!  

Cutest little beach bum ever!

Last month, the Knapp family went on our first ever mini family vacation.  We met up by Lake Rathbun and rented the whole Grey Goose Inn Bed & Breakfast.  I still need to get all of those pictures downloaded to my computer.  Hopefully you will see that post before too long!

We are looking forward to having visitors the next couple weekends!  Hope everyone's summer is going well!  We did corn this morning, July 9th, in sweatshirts.  Crazy, huh?  Next week the true July temperatures are returning to us and I am not looking forward to the humidity!