Thursday, March 13, 2014

Printing on Burlap

I can't believe I have never tried this before now.  Printing on burlap opens a whole new realm of possibilities for me!
First step:  Cut freezer paper the size of a regular sheet of printer paper.
Next, put shiny side down onto burlap cut roughly the same size.  Iron the freezer paper onto the burlap and trim the edges of the burlap so there won't be any strands getting stuck in your printer.  The freezer paper will kind of wrinkle, this is normal.
Then I typed up how I wanted it print to out.  Since I wanted to be able to get to letters for the banner out of each sheet, I had to turn the "P" upside down.  Then print on regular paper just to make sure you have it right.

I had cut out a template of the banner and traced onto the burlap so I knew where to place the letters on the first one.  After that, I traced it on after I printed the letters.

All the letters for "Spring"

Finished product:

I hope this tutorial can open some doors for you to explore working with burlap!

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