Thursday, March 20, 2014

Date Night with Darts

So at Christmas, I got Jake something that didn't end up working, so we returned it and he got to pick what he wanted instead.  He came back with an electronic dart board... yep.  He did.  He planned a date night last weekend and made me supper and then we played darts... yep.  We did.

He set up the dart board on the couch thinking he was saving the walls from my horrible aim, however, he didn't realize HOW horrible my aim really was.

Yep... this was mine.  Remember the chair rail above the couch?  18 inches above the dart board?  That's where my horrible aim took me.
We had so much fun!  Jake said we would play 3 games.  Best of three won.  After I won the first 2 games, he changed it to best of 5.  Then I lost the next three...  The winning didn't really matter though.  We had so much fun just spending time together and laughing at all our crazy aims that I was actually glad he picked this as one of his Christmas presents.


  1. Pretty sure I would of had a hole in the couch!

    1. I was a little worried about that after I realized they would stick in the wood, but the couch came away hole free :)