Monday, September 23, 2013

Practicing for Dec. 4th

December 4th... can anyone guess what will be happening then?  I will be getting up early and standing in the freezing cold weather in hopes of seeing and shooting my first deer.  I don't have very high expectations, but my husband does.  We started target shooting Sunday afternoon.  We got the guns all sighted in and had a few challenge rounds against each other.  Let me tell you the one other time I went deer hunting in the last 5 years of marriage.  
I went out early on a Saturday morning thinking "This will be fun!  Something I can do with Jake that he enjoys and is interested in."  It was a chilled 17 degrees.  I lasted 20 minutes and after not seeing ANYTHING  I headed back to the truck to sleep.  Well, Jake never did see any deer but he said shortly after I left post, there was a bobcat about 20 yards from us.  If I would have endured and not chickened out I could have had a stuffed bob cat in living room- hahaha- not!
I have a renewed zeal about deer hunting this year after one of them totaled my car.  So here goes!

 Sighting in the guns.  

 Our competition.  I shot the right 2 red dots and he shot the left 2.  Not too bad.  Every single one of them would get me some jerky in my freezer, right?

Friday, September 20, 2013

Fall Bucket List

I have really been in a fall mood since Labor Day.  I got my fall decoration s out the first of September even though it was 98 degrees.  I usually start out with great ambitions for each season.  Winter- I'm going to do all these fun things around Christmas.  Spring brings a totally spring cleaned house from top to bottom.  Summer has lots of traveling plans and doing things with friends.  This is my fall list.  I am hoping to blog about each thing so you can see how dedicated I really am.  

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Vinyl Verse

I designed and cut this verse for a friend with my Silhouette Cameo.  She plans to put this on a canvas for her brother and sister-in-law for a wedding gift.  

Let me tell you how much I LOVE my Cameo.  I took the leap about 6 months ago and sold all my Cricut cartridges and bought the Silhouette.  I do still have my Cricut because we have too long of a relationship to just part with it yet.  However, I am so glad I finally switched.  I can cut anything I want.  Anything.  I have done logos for some companies and personalized home decor for others.  I do custom work so if anyone has something they want done, shoot me an e-mail.  
I am now working on some card sets for some people and will be posting some of them in the near future (as soon as I can remember to take my camera up to my crafting room with me :)

Friday, September 13, 2013

Corn Harvest

I spent a little time with Jake in the combine yesterday afternoon.  He is just getting started on picking corn.  I love this time of year!

The corn is definitely more important than the camera at this point :)

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Fall Mantel

Yep!  I have all my fall stuff out already.  I think it is mostly wishful thinking because it has been in the 90's here still!  We are looking for a cold front to come through today and it should be in the low 80's for awhile.  Jacob got started on picking corn yesterday.  Let fall begin!

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

First Time For Everything

Well... I had a first last night.

I hit a deer coming home from grocery shopping.  Yes, I am fine.  Thanks for asking :)  I just wasn't planning on going car shopping this soon.  We are still waiting to find out if insurance wants us to fix it or if they will total it.  Seriously, shouldn't deer only cross at deer crossing signs?  Or at least look both directions before crossing a busy highway?

Labor Day Weekend

Saturday morning we had lots of volunteer help to finish taking down the barn.  We appreciated everyone of you!
Even the younger ones!  They were such troopers!

My kitchen table that all the kids used to entertain themselves while the men were working and the ladies were visiting.  There were 7 kids at my house most of the day Saturday.  I don't have a lot of kid toys and it was about 100 degrees outside so needless to say, the water hydrant was well used that day.

We ordered pizza for lunch.  Then had a porkburger fry for everyone.  I think we had 25 here for supper.  I had seen on Pinterest where if you put 4-5 pennies in a bag of water it would keep the flies away.  I decided to give it a try.  It didn't work that night, but I still have them up and I haven't noticed near as many flies in the garage or in the house.  Maybe it just took a little bit?

My camera battery died after this picture, so now you will just have to listen to me ramble.  Sunday night we had a potluck.  Monday morning bright and early the hunters met in the fields for the big dove hunt.  Then we had a biscuits & gravy breakfast waiting for them after they cleaned all the birds.
My brothers family stayed with us and they got to stay through Monday night so we had a relaxing day on Monday.  He took me out for Chinese for my birthday (and so I didn't have to cook!) and we hit Orange Leaf Frozen Yogurt afterwards.  I enjoy having my family (and anyone else that wants to) come visit!  It's always good to see everyone!

I spent the rest of the week catching up on laundry, cleaning, and eating leftovers. Ha!  Jacob told me to take a picture of the fridge because he had never seen it that full.  Oh, by the way, I served lunch at church Sunday too.  So you can imagine all the food in my fridge!  Hope you all had a blessed Labor Day!