Monday, September 23, 2013

Practicing for Dec. 4th

December 4th... can anyone guess what will be happening then?  I will be getting up early and standing in the freezing cold weather in hopes of seeing and shooting my first deer.  I don't have very high expectations, but my husband does.  We started target shooting Sunday afternoon.  We got the guns all sighted in and had a few challenge rounds against each other.  Let me tell you the one other time I went deer hunting in the last 5 years of marriage.  
I went out early on a Saturday morning thinking "This will be fun!  Something I can do with Jake that he enjoys and is interested in."  It was a chilled 17 degrees.  I lasted 20 minutes and after not seeing ANYTHING  I headed back to the truck to sleep.  Well, Jake never did see any deer but he said shortly after I left post, there was a bobcat about 20 yards from us.  If I would have endured and not chickened out I could have had a stuffed bob cat in living room- hahaha- not!
I have a renewed zeal about deer hunting this year after one of them totaled my car.  So here goes!

 Sighting in the guns.  

 Our competition.  I shot the right 2 red dots and he shot the left 2.  Not too bad.  Every single one of them would get me some jerky in my freezer, right?

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