Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Labor Day Weekend

Saturday morning we had lots of volunteer help to finish taking down the barn.  We appreciated everyone of you!
Even the younger ones!  They were such troopers!

My kitchen table that all the kids used to entertain themselves while the men were working and the ladies were visiting.  There were 7 kids at my house most of the day Saturday.  I don't have a lot of kid toys and it was about 100 degrees outside so needless to say, the water hydrant was well used that day.

We ordered pizza for lunch.  Then had a porkburger fry for everyone.  I think we had 25 here for supper.  I had seen on Pinterest where if you put 4-5 pennies in a bag of water it would keep the flies away.  I decided to give it a try.  It didn't work that night, but I still have them up and I haven't noticed near as many flies in the garage or in the house.  Maybe it just took a little bit?

My camera battery died after this picture, so now you will just have to listen to me ramble.  Sunday night we had a potluck.  Monday morning bright and early the hunters met in the fields for the big dove hunt.  Then we had a biscuits & gravy breakfast waiting for them after they cleaned all the birds.
My brothers family stayed with us and they got to stay through Monday night so we had a relaxing day on Monday.  He took me out for Chinese for my birthday (and so I didn't have to cook!) and we hit Orange Leaf Frozen Yogurt afterwards.  I enjoy having my family (and anyone else that wants to) come visit!  It's always good to see everyone!

I spent the rest of the week catching up on laundry, cleaning, and eating leftovers. Ha!  Jacob told me to take a picture of the fridge because he had never seen it that full.  Oh, by the way, I served lunch at church Sunday too.  So you can imagine all the food in my fridge!  Hope you all had a blessed Labor Day!

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