Friday, August 30, 2013

Opryland Hotel & Wedding

We went to the world's largest hotel- the Opryland Hotel.  It was incredible!  The pictures don't really do it justice so I suggest if you ever get a chance to see it for yourself... go do it.  
There are little shops and restaurants all over.

The river that roams throughout the hotel.

There were lots of fountains.

There was a really amazing water fountain show that they say is even neater at night with the lights.

There were also several waterfalls.

I had a hard time getting a normal picture (surprise! surprise!) so I decided I didn't want to look like the only normal one :)

It was hard to get a picture without the glare because of the glass domed roof and the sun was beating in.


Two Rivers Mansion- site of Austin & Abbie's wedding

The bride and her father.

Mr. & Mrs. Knobloch

We headed back after the reception and spent the night somewhere in Missouri.  We got home Monday around 1:30 and I still had plenty of time to start on the list of things to do for the week.  (Hint:  Dove season starts this weekend.  Which means we will have lots of company and food!  Stay tuned...)

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