Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Spring Mantel

I finally got something done on my mantel this weekend.  I haven't had anything on it since Christmas and it has really been bugging me!  Part of the reason is I was afraid to put anything up there while we were actually using the fireplace because I have ruined some things since they got too hot.

 I just used stuff that I had around the house and threw this together.
 I printed the letters on burlap and cut out the banner.  I used really small clothespins and jute to complete the banner.  This was the first time I printed on burlap and let me tell you, I am hooked!  This will not be the last project I do that involves burlap and printing.
 I had this lantern outside next to our patio swing all last summer and had a hard time keeping it upright with all the wind here in Kansas, so thought I would bring it inside for now.  I took real eggs and pierced the ends so I could blow the egg out and painted them.  I had the white metal basket with grass that I have used for centerpieces before.  
 I just found an old frame and spray painted it white.  I had some moss covered rocks that I threw in there.
 I had some leftover silk flowers from an outdoor arrangement I did for the patio that I put in this white pitcher.  I tied some burlap to it to tie in the banner.  I found these fake nests at Hobby Lobby that I thought were so cute!

Our weather has been perfect for spring this week.  I am looking forward to more beautiful days!  Happy Spring everyone!


  1. I am officially ready for spring..you have inspired me to decorate, but it will have to wait til next week! As always, beautiful work my friend!