Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Valentine's Day

I woke up to this little note on the table.
Hey "Baby" (Baby Ruth) Whenever you're around my heart goes "crunch" and falls into a bunch of "pieces" (Reese's Pieces heart)  So please handle me with "butterfingers" and I will be your "sweetheart" (Gummy Sweettart hearts)
 And some beautiful pink roses.
 Then that night, he surprised me with dessert.  Ice cream and berry hearts.  I was very impressed with his creativity this year :)  It's hard to believe this was our 6th Valentine's Day together!  I love him more every year! 
 Friday night we had supper at Justin & Liz's with other young couples.  
 We each had our own chocolate name cards.  I love the burlap and twine wrapped around the cup.  We also had a box of chocolate covered strawberries at our places courtesy of Victor & Hope.  They were such a treat!

 Supper was fabulous!  We had a salad and Pineapple Raspberry Whip for an appetizer and palate cleanser.  Then steak, potatoes, and green bean bundles for the meal.  It was delicious!
 And any room we had left in our stomachs, was filled with this decadent dessert.  Liz made chocolate bowls using balloons.  You just melt the chocolate and using a spoon spread a little bit on waxed paper.  Then dip your blown up balloon in the chocolate and set it on the chocolate that is already on the wax paper to hold it in place.  Once it hardens, pop the balloon and wa-lah!  You have a chocolate bowl to hold this tasty triple chocolate dessert.  With chocolate sprinkles and a chocolate heart on top.  Did I mention I LOVE chocolate?

I kinda wish I would have eaten dessert first because by the time I got to the bowl, I had to just let it go.  We were so full!  After supper we played a game of Guesstures.  We divided up into men against women.  Sadly, the men creamed us.  But that's not what matters anyway.  We made lots of memories with our friends!  And that's what counts.
P.S.  We weren't going to count the points at the end, but us ladies were so sure that we had more that we made the men count them.  Serves us right! :)  Although, no one ever actually double checked their math...

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