Thursday, September 20, 2012

Pond Clean-Up

I drove this beast on Monday... and yes I was fearful.  Jake is cleaning out a pond in one of our pastures and rented this to help get the job done.  So, since he wanted to brag to everyone that his wife drove the bulldozer I obliged and made one full round.  I scooped a load up out of the pond and drove up a very steep incline, dumped it off, and went back to my original position.  I politley refused to do anymore.  This machine was terrifying!  I calmly went back home and decided I had never heard of anyone dying in a bulldozer accident.

Here, Corbin took over the bulldozer and Jake brought the skidsteer out so they could get more done.

This is our little laady Snick (short for Snickerdoodle). 

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