Monday, September 24, 2012

Organization in the Linen Closet

Before:  Embarrassing I know!

After:  Let's hope it can stay like this for awhile!  All the kid's toys that I don't want them to have access to without my supervision is on the top right.  All the candles on the top left.  Tablecloths on the bottom right and in the 31 tote is all my napkins.  Yes I do have an obsession with pretty napkins.

This is the bottom part of the linen closet- after of course.  I forgot to get a picture of the before.  Just picture the top's before picture on a bigger scale.  The top shelf has my paper goods- cups, bowls, plates, etc.  Middle section is all my cookware that I don't use very often.  Next comes the sheet sets- see below to see how I finally figured out how to fold a fitted sheet- thanks to Pinterest!  I put the queen sets on the left and double sets on the right.  On the bottom is our air mattress and a set of microfiber sheets that are really fluffy :)

I should have used a color other than white so it would be easier to see.  Alas, all my sheets are white or off white. 
1.  Fold wrong sides together  sticking the corners inside each other to form a square. 

2.  Fold into thirds lengthwise.

3.  Fold into thirds again

4.  I then folded the top sheet to be the same size as the fitted sheet and stacked one of the pillow cases on top of the set.  Put the set in the other pillow case and fold x-tra under the stack.  ( I learded this part from Martha Stewart :)  Now, whenever you need a set of sheets, they are all in one spot!

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