Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Fruit & Veggie Baskets

I got this idea off of Pinterest.  They used flat-backed planters for theirs and I found these cute recipe card holders at Wal-Mart.  It was quite the deal trying to hang them up under the window though.  I kind of ruined the nail holes originally because my friend had this good idea of hanging them with Shepherd's Hooks... well, it doesn't work right under the window sill like that, so I had to use even bigger nails to fit the holes.  Regardless, they are now hanging up and I love them!  It reminds me to use potatoes, lemons, etc. when I cook since I can see them now!
I learned (on Pinterest of course) that you can save the white bulbs from green onions and grow them at home.  Here they are sitting in a vase of water on my window sill.  Now, I put green onion in everything!  It is so handy and adds flavor when I cook.  I do change out the water about once a week.  It really does work!  I was skeptical at first because I thought there just had to be more than water to make these things grow, and I'm no green thumb for sure!  But, here is proof :)

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