Monday, April 28, 2014

Woohoo! More Company!

I loaded up a package for our nieces and nephews for Easter.  Your welcome, parents.
My brother's family came and visited us over Easter weekend.  And my brother helped me check off something from my honey-do list.  He changed out some light fixtures in our kitchen, with a little help from his inquisitive shadow.
Snick loved all the attention she got from a couple of the boys.  T wasn't very interested in being around the dogs at all, so M kept an eye on Snick so she wouldn't go close to him.
We made Jell-o Jigglers in this handy dandy Tupperware mold.  I found it in my box of samples that I still have from when I sold Tupperware and decided it was finally time to put it to use.
They made animal shapes.  Sometimes you had to get creative to guess what they were :)
So, I was not very smart when I started buying toys from our toy box.  I chose all these "cute" toys with TONS of pieces.    I really need to come up with a better organizing system for this.
M & K had fun helping Uncle Jake getting the planter ready for corn.
They also enjoyed watching the cattle.

And going fishing with Daddy.
And T very much enjoyed his smoothie for breakfast. :)
This is what I got when I asked him to smile for the camera.  Thanks Uncle Trevor!  You shouldn't teach him such things!
K worn out from the busy day.  He's trying his hardest to keep his eyes open and not miss anything.
Us with the kiddos.
The kiddos on Easter morning.
My little miss L.  She is just such a sweetheart!

We hope you all had a blessed Easter as well!  (Yes, I do realize I am a week behind)

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