Monday, April 14, 2014

Friends from Iowa

We were blessed with a visit from some close friends a couple weekends ago!  All the kiddos got along so well and enjoyed playing together!

And we had a wonderful time catching up.  The weather was so beautiful that we ended up walking almost 10 miles that day.  When you get to talking, you don't notice how far you go.  

Austin showed me his "tail".  He kept telling us he had a tail.

Austin was also a BIG help on the farm.  He helped Jake and his dad get the planter ready for the season.  He is such a little man.  Sunday morning, Jake was shaving and Austin was decked out in his church clothes, and he came to Jake and said, "Are you gonna need my help today?" :)

I winked at Austin and he tried to do it back, so cute!  Another Austin story.  At the breakfast table he wanted to sit by Jake.  Jake was talking to Carl and Austin kept haying, "Hey! Hey!"  I said, "What do you want Austin?"  He said, "I'm not talking to you.  I'm talking to Jake."  Well Austin, Jake is smitten with you too!

Miss Ellie ready to go to church.

All the kids together.  They have made friendships for life!

Jake took them to the fire station after church so they could see the fire trucks. 

We enjoyed the weekend so much!  It is always a blessing to get to spend time with friends!

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