Tuesday, May 6, 2014

The One Where Jacob Got The World's Ugliest Cake For His Birthday

It was Jake's 32nd birthday Friday and I told him to look on my Pinterest page for what he wanted me to make for his cake.  He chose this one Trisha Yearwood's Key Lime Cake.  So I read this instructions and all the reviews said it was a super easy cake.  Something a beginner could make.   Ummm... thanks.  What does that make me?  It all started out good...
 And quickly got worse...
 And worse...
I have no idea what I did wrong.  Apparently I was still half asleep when I started this Friday morning at 6:00.  By 8:00 I was needing to leave for work and the above picture is what it looked like.  I told Jake I was sorry but he was getting a boughten cake mix and these were going in the trash.  He encouraged me to just trim the tops off and use this one.  So I did. 
It did get better.  It tasted fabulous, but boy was it a sight.  When I tried to frost it all the moist crumbs stuck in the cream cheese icing.

This is the only picture I got of the birthday man as he was being a complete stinker and wouldn't let me take one.  So I told him the bad one goes on the blog :)

 The candles were really cool!  The flame was the color of the candle!

Anyway, he turned 32 even despite the fact I had a fail with this "it's-so-easy-a-beginner-can-do-it" cake.  Happy Birthday to my Husband!