Monday, October 21, 2013

Smore's Bar

So I got one thing accomplished on my fall bucket list.  We had friends over on Friday night for a smore's bar.  It was a big hit and super easy to plan.  I designed this invitation on Photoshop.

I gathered different ideas via pinterest and designed this menu on photoshop as well.

So, since I finally planned ahead for something and had big plans to do a bonfire and smores bar outside, the weather rebelled and it was cold and drizzly.  We ended up inside and built a fire in the fireplace to roast the marshmallows.  
I got regular, strawberry, and chocolate marshmallows. 

We used chocolate covered graham crackers, graham crackers, and fudge striped cookies.

I also had milk chocolate, cookies & cream chocolate, Carmello, Reese's, Rolos, Mint Patties, Coconut, and bananas.

Roasting in the fireplace actually worked pretty good!

And this little cutie needed a bath after the guys thought it was a good idea to roast her a marshmallow :)


  1. So fun! We did one of these this fall too :) Have been wayy wayy to busy to post anything on the blog, but hopefully will do soon! :) Fun to see Miss Marissa in these pics! Tell her hi!

  2. Can't wait to see how yours turned out! It was a big hit and the Reese's were by far the most popular. I wondered if you were keeping busy since I hadn't seen much activity over your way :) Come see us again!