Tuesday, October 22, 2013


We went to Minnesota a couple weekends ago to see my brother's family and had a great time!  We left Thursday about 5:30 and were only going to go part way.  Jake got his 2nd wind about 11:00 and decided to keep going.  We pulled in Derek's driveway about 3:30 am.  And their door was locked.  And we didn't want to call and wake up the girls so we slept in the car a few hours until  I saw a light come on at 6:30 and decided I couldn't hold it any longer...

We went to the store on Friday and the aunt in me just had to buy something for these two cuties.  They carried them EVERWHERE!  It was the first thing they wanted when they woke up  and the last thing to be put away before they went to bed.

Awww... Isn't this so cute!  I just happened to turn around and catch this with my camera.

We had a wonderful time and headed home Sunday evening about 6:30.  We did stop in Omaha this time and got home at noon on Monday.  Just enough time to start laundry and get a few things done before going back to work on Tuesday.

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