Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Ovenight Guests

We had some very special overnight guests last weekend.  The Isch kids came over Friday night and spent some time with us.  After a supper of pizza, chips, & pop we started decorating the pumpkins.

I used my silhouette to cut out pumpkin faces from vinyl.  It was SO much cleaner than actually carving them!  Then they could change the faces if they wanted to.  I got my faces from the Silhouette store.

Haley's pumpkin---Colton's pumpkin---Gavin's pumpkin
The one in the middle looks incredibly mean!

Then we played a game of Balloon Ping-Pong.  I just glued big crafting (popsicle) sticks to paper plates for the paddle.  They had to try to keep the balloons off the ground.

Haley & I mixed up the cookie dough so it could be refrigerated overnight while the boys played.
We are making candy corn cookies and Haley is layering the cookie dough in a loaf pan.

They wanted to play Simon Says so I couldn't resist be Simon and keeping my camera close by.

We had to watch the Comedy Barn special before we went to bed.  It's the show that Jacob & I went to on our honeymoon in Pigeon Forge, TN so they had fun trying to find us in the crowd.  As soon as this  was over they were all asleep!  Saturday morning Gavin fixed us scrambled eggs for breakfast and he did a fantastic job.

Then it was time to make candy trains/tractors/airplanes.

Candy tractor- we just stuck them together with glue dots from my crafting stash.

Candy train

Candy Airplane

In the midst of construction.
Caught Colton eating the frosting out of the bag.

Here are the layers of sugar cookie dough for the candy corn cookies.  We just sliced off 1/4 in. at a time and cut them into triangles.

The recipe said to roll the cookies in sugar after they came out of the oven. 

We figured it out after the first pan that this is impossible.  The sugar did not stick so we rolled the rest of them in sugar before we stuck them in the oven.

Cute fun little cookies!

Haley & I made Reese's Fall Cookies in a Jar while the boys helped Jake outside.
We put Washi tape over the canning lids to make them prettier :)

Haley measuring the ingredients.

I designed the recipe card on Photoshop and attached it to the jar with jute.

I don't think we packed the brown sugar down enough because the white sugar ran right through it so it doesn't look as layered as it should.

Each of the kids had to choose someone to give one to and then they got to keep one to make at home.

The kiddos helping Jake feed the cattle.

They were a huge help and it was a really nice day.

They are cleaning out the planter for Jacob.  I think he owes them something for doing this...  It doesn't look fun at all, but they enjoyed it.

Helping trim trees.
Playing on the stash of cable spools.

Beautiful picture of a beautiful girl!

My boys.
My girl. (photo credit-Colton)

These kiddos are my niece and nephews by adoption.  I wish my other nieces and nephews lived closer so we could do fun things like this all the time.  It makes me miss them so much.  Love you guys!

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