Thursday, March 28, 2013

Date Night

Jake called me at work on Tuesday and told me not to plan anything for supper, he was taking me out.  So sweet!  He knows how much I love spontaneous surprises:)  So after Chinese he took me here...

Why have we never been here?  Seriously?  They have 16 different flavors of soft frozen yogurt.
It is self serve so you can have as many different kinds as you want.
Such a neat place.  I highly recommend this if you have never been to one.  You get your own cup and put whatever you want in it, add toppings (they have a huge selection from candy bars to fresh fruit), then pay by the ounce.  It can definately add up in a hurry with the toppings.

They have the coolest spoons too!  I was feeling kinda fruity and tried orange, pineapple, and peach.  I was a little disappointed in the peach- not as flavorful as the other two, but still good.  We are already contemplating our next visit.  There was a coffee one I would love to try and a passionfruit that sounded interesting.  They said they change out one flavor per week...hmmm... maybe we need to start making this a weekly trip honey?  Or not, our waist and pocketbook would never forgive us.  Thank you so much for an awesome evening!


  1. This wouldn't be in Olathe,KS exit # 119??? We stop everytime we come to KS now, I even have a rewards card-HA! :)

  2. This actually is in Emporia... I can't believe I didn't know about it! Good to know about the one in Olathe since we stop there frequently on our way back to my parents. Love this place! p.s. I got a rewards card too :)

  3. hmm I'll have to check out the Emporia one next time I come!