Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Minnesota Visitors

We had a fantastic time with my brother's family that came from Minnesota Feb. 20-23.  I had some good bonding time with Kelsey and Kaley.  Some of these pictures don't even need captions :)  Derek called me Tuesday night and said they were going to leave a day early so they could get ahead of the snow storm that was going to be hitting us Thursday.  So, I went to Wal-Mart at 5:30 Wednesday morning to get some groceries.  It was actually quite relaxing to do my shopping with no one else around.

Kaley feeding her doll sheep and cows.
I still had to go to work on Thursday so I set up this play station for the girls so they wouldn't get bored until I came home.

We did LOTS of crafts... thank goodness I had a bunch of leftover things from when I taught Sunday School.

(no words needed)

Playing Let's Go Fishin'.  It is sway harder than it looks, let me tell ya.

We played with LOTS os play-doh.  Kelsey made a popsicle.

(Again, no words needed)

And this one, just because she's so stinkin cute!  I love her fountain out of the top of her head.

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