Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Baby Kraft Shower

I never thought I was so attached to my laptop... it took it totally crashing for me to realize this.  Yes, I lost everything...  All my Creative Touch vinyl designs, all my pictures, all digital scrapbooking kits, and all my software (which included Photoshop, and my Cricut cutting software) :(  I literally just bawled for a couple hours and had to just let it all go.  Needless to say, I have a new hard drive and a new account on

I am now back to the blogging world.  I made these baby shower invitations for Alex's baby shower.  I cut the diapers out with my cricut and designed the actual invitation on Craft Artist 2.  We did a "Cute As A Button" theme.

Front of invitation- and before someone points it out, yes, I do know I spelled "Baby's R Us" wrong.  I realized it after I had done all 50 invitations so I decided everyone would understand since I have never actually stepped foot in the store :)

Back of invitation

Cheese & Sausage- notice some only have 2 holes punched in the middle (I used a straw)...  That's how they all were until Kent told me they looked like pig noses so Haley got busy and punched some more holes until people started showing up. 

Liz made these adorable cupcakes.  She made marshmallow fondant for the buttons.

I just can't resist striped paper straws.  They have been my most recent addiction.
Jane made a lime slush- it was delish!

Lize also made these little butter cookies.  Notice that they only have 2 holes...

Great-Grandma Kraft is trying to figure out about how much yarn it takes to go around Alex right now.  Alex was such a good sport- we either had some really bad guessers or people just thought Alex was huge :)  There wasn't anyone who guessed too short.  We had so much fun doing this shower! 

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