Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Zapata, TX

This year for Christmas the Knobloch family went to Zapata, TX to visit the new snowbirds (J's ma & pa).  All 6 of us (J & me, Ester, Nathan, Corbin, & Matthew) piled into the mini van Friday night about 6:30 on the 21st and started the 14 hour trip.  A quote from my exausted husband "This is a once-in-a-lifetime trip!"  Haha.  We had a lot of fun and good chances to bond with each other.
My father-in-law is now the outlaw.  

We went to a rattlesnake museum in Zapata and the boys managed to get this rattlesnake all worked up.  I was glad there was glass between me and him.  I can't imagine coming upon one of these in nature!

Us kids got Mom & Dad a grill for their new trailer.  We decided mom got the grill and Dad got the coal. Haha!

Nathan teaching Ester how to cast.  The fishing was terrible but we all enjoyed the weather!

This is how they do speed bumps in Zapata.  I couldn't resist taking a picture:)


  1. Another post so soon! :) No pics of the jolly crew after you got back home after all that quality time?!?

  2. No evidence to be had! Quality time- yes, jolly crew after 14 hrs. scrunched together in a minivan- no :)

  3. First of all let me say, that 1) I want your craft room. 2) I wish I had your organization skills. 3) Keep the blog posts coming b/c I now offically follow your blog! :) Found it last night on our way home from KS! Hope to see you again soon!