Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Boy's Sleepover

Awhile back I had a girls sleepover with Lilah & Haley and ever since then the boys have been wanting to do one.  In fact I had really good intentions to do a campout at some point over the summer and never found the time.  Then about the beginning of November I get a handmade card from Miss Haley that says something to this effect:
Dear Krystal,
I had so much fun when we had a sleepover.  You need to hurry up and have the boys so we can have another one.  Thanks!

The pressure was on... so I did one a few weeks later with the boys.
 We made these oreo turkeys.  I asked them how many they wanted to make and they said 20.  They made 4 and I ended up with 8 :)  The attention span wasn't quite as long as I had hoped.
 Gavin & Colton with there turkeys
  Gavin & Colton with their John Deere tractors they painted.  I found the kits at Wal-Mart and couldn't resist.  They had green paint from their hair to their toes and everywhere in between when they finished.
 Then we made these cute little pumpkins out of orange slices.
 This is the marshmallow shooters that we made.  I searched Pinterest for fun things to do with boys and decided this would be perfect.

However, I caught most of them being consumed

 Up close of the marshmallow shooter.  I recommend using 2 cups for stability.  They had a lot of fun!
Another thing I found on pinterest was this post that you would NEVER need helium again!  Just use vinegar and baking soda to blow them up.  Yes, it does blow them up.  No, it does not act as helium.  I was so disappointed!  Then, one of the balloons got popped and I had a mess of baking soda on my ceiling, walls, floor, refrigerator, window, etc.  Consensus:  Using your mouth is so much easier and safer.  Pin Fail

Gavin's tractor
While I was doing some cleaning up the boys went upstairs and were playing.  I snuck up close enough to hear what they were saying and get this picture.
Gavin:  I'm Tom and you are Jeri
Colton: no, I will be Corbin and I get the red Kansas Maid truck
Gavin:  Ok, now we need to haul some bread down to Oklahoma.  You go the plant and load it and I will take it to the scrapbooking room.  That is Okalahoma.
It was so stinkin cute to listen to them play like that:)

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