Monday, April 8, 2013

Bake Sale

At the bank we did a bake sale to raise money for Relay for Life.  Between the different things I made, the camo cupcakes went out the door fast.  Here are a few pictures from our bake sale.
This was totally an experiment.  At this point I was afraid they weren't going to turn out.  I just divided my white cake batter into 4 parts.  Dyed one brown, black, tan, and green.  I would do something a little different with the green next time I do it.  It wasn't "army" enough.

I was really excited how they turned out when I took them out of the oven though.  They looked so cool!

Our bake sale table at the bank.  I made a banner with "Bake Sale" on it and bought several containers from Dollar Tree to spruce it up.

Awesome idea I saw on Pinterest.  Put the cupcakes in short clear plastic cups and wrap with cellophane.  I just put them in a cellophane bag.  It helps keep the frosting from touching the wrap.

Monster Cookies
We sold out at our bake sale by 2:00.  I will have to do more baking next Friday for our second one.  It's amazing to me how much people are willing to pay for home baked goodies.  After doing this post, all I want is a cupcake for supper :)

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