Thursday, August 14, 2014

Happy Birthday Baby Brother!

We hit up a couple birthday parties a couple weeks ago.  My baby brother turned 20 (I know!  So hard to believe!) and a good friend of ours turned 40!

We got in late Friday night at Mom & Dad's.  On Saturday morning I went with my nieces, nephew, and SIL to the county fair.  Jake helped my brother do some work on his house remodel project.  Of course, I had to make a stop at Target since our closest one is 80 miles away.  
Tessa got some cute girly Legos.  How cool is that?

Kassie Mae.  I have a terrible time getting her to smile for a picture.

Trevor being Trevor.
Haha!  I am so thankful Dad still has his sense of humor!
Birthday boy Darrin.

And I couldn't resist posting a picture of the card Travis got Darrin. Lol!

There's something to be said about family gathered round the table.  It's such a special time together!


  1. Loved seeing the family photos; they mean o lot when you don't live there, don't they! Need to show the one of your Dad to Kent--typical Brian!

  2. Where was the birthday meal? I don't recognize the place. Also, who turned 40?

    1. It's at Dad & Mom's :) Keep checking back for the post on who turned 40... I'm going to keep you waiting a few days yet. :)