Monday, April 11, 2016

Naughty Puppy And More Company!

We woke up one morning to this scene in our garage.  Skipper must have really liked these flip flops.  He chewed up one of each pair.  He knows now that flip flops are not a part of his menu, but he thought maybe tennis shoes were the next night.  He chewed a little part of the back of one of my running shoes before we caught him.  Now he sticks to bones, turtle shells, fish, and rocks.  We came home the other night to a bluegill laying on our patio.  Seriously.
The Luthi family got together one Saturday afternoon to go through Grandpa's shop and divvy things up.  There were quite a few treasures here.
Grandpa & Grandma and Aunt Peg stopped by on their way home from Texas for the winter.  So of course tradition won out and we played a game of Mexican train dominoes.

I'm so glad that we on en route to their destination.  I always look forward to a visit from them either on the way down or on the way back.  And the Texas fruit that they bring is always a treat as well.  It was so good to spend some quality time with them!

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