Thursday, February 11, 2016

I'm Back!

After a much needed break from the blog world, I'm back!  We had an eventful past 4 months and are hoping for a much calmer 2016!  Jacob's Grandpa Luthi passed away about a week before Christmas.  He was such a great Grandpa and we miss him dearly.

He was our supervisor when we made apple cider this fall.

Another beautiful sunset in Kansas.  We have the best!
Jacob helping me fulfill one of my crafty wishes.  We built this sign together.

Knapp Christmas was eventful, as always!  Mom made all the grandkids pajamas, so they are pretending to be asleep.  Apparently some of them are just happy sleepers.  I'm pretty sure I don't smile in my sleep! 

One of my favorite pictures from the whole weekend.  This is so typical! 

We had to have an arm wrestling contest with the littles.
Dad's styling his new grilling apron.

Haley's Birthday
Beautiful cake.

Beautiful girl.

Jacob welding horseshoes together for another one of my projects.  He's such a handy husband!

We went to West Bend several weeks ago and Jacob brought along a project to work on with the boys.  It shouldn't take too long, he said... 8 hours later and this contraption came home with us never to be taken down again.

Colton's Birthday
Another amazing cake.

Can you imagine this squirt being a drummer?  I may need to get Liz a set of ear plugs for her birthday...

Guess who made this adorable Groundhog Day Cupcake.  Yep.  Liz is super talented!

Annual Valentine's Day Supper
Our annual Valentine's Day supper with the other young couples from church was hosted by Victor and Hope this year and we got spoiled!  Here is what lobster looks like before you cook it.  I had to get that mental image out of my head in order to actually eat it.  You could seriously see all the little legs underneath...

The table... and the men waiting patiently for the meal to be prepared.

It was a fascinating for us all watching the lobster cook.

Our plate... Lobster, filet mignon, asparagus, twice baked potato, and a red lobster biscuit.  I did not get a picture of dessert (oops!  It was delicious!), but it was a chocolate lava cake.

Grandpa Luthi collected tractors and wanted to leave one to each of his grandson's.  They drew out of a hat which one they each got.  He ended up with the John Deere 2030, I believe.

And one last picture... Grandpa had a great hiding spot for his "hide-a-key" if he lost his truck keys.  He continues to make us laugh months later.

I know that was a quick catch up, but I'm looking forward to keeping you more up to date with the Knobloch's from now on.  Hope you all have a blessed new year.


  1. I love the O Holy Night sign. So cool!! I enjoy seeing your projects. :)

  2. Good to have you back Crystal! Like seeing your posts! :)