Monday, February 22, 2016

Beautiful February

It has been gorgeous this week, so I have been seeing a lot of this as I get back into running this year.
This is my cheer section...

 I just love being able to see what seems to be endlessly.

These three keep me company in the morning hour (and protect me from all the scary mountain lions.)  At least I feel safer with them tagging along.
 One February morning at 7:00 it was already 64 degrees so I was able to run in short sleeves, in the morning, in February!!
 I get a kick out of Ozzie.  Whether we are on our way down the driveway or back up he makes a pit stop at these trees lining the driveway.  They have little shoot branches that are growing from the bottom and he loves to walk around the tree several times to scratch his back.

On Saturday Jacob worked putting anhydrous on the fields and since it was so beautiful, I took advantage of the weather and cleaned out the garage and my freezers.  We have our spring flowers already out of the ground about 2 in. so we are planning on the weather staying nice... cross your fingers.  Sunday, Jacob & I and his cousin Aaron & Maria went to Wolf Creek's Environmental Area and walked several trails there.  Did I mention the weather has been supreme?!  We then hit up Pizza Hut for supper.  We are looking forward to another week!

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  1. Save some of that nice weather for when we come:)