Friday, January 9, 2015

Knapp Christmas

We were all able to be at Dad & Mom's on the Friday after Christmas.  Uncle Darrin started things off with the quarter machine in the background.  A grocery store went out of business and he somehow acquired it.  Needless to say, we were all raided for quarters.  Everyone's pockets, purses, and vehicles were quarterless by the end of the night.

On Saturday we enjoyed a big noon meal.  The rule was that we would open gifts after lunch was all cleaned up and the dishes were done.  The kids were MORE than willing to help out!
 The Knapp tradition is for Dad to read the Christmas story before opening presents and then one of the littles gets to put baby Jesus in the manger in the Nativity set.

Mom & Dad had lots of help opening their presents!
 These were the shirts I made for the nieces and nephews.  Left- the front  Right- the back
 All our crazy adorable nieces and nephews with the best aunt & uncle!
This crazy hat wore out its welcome quickly.  You press a button on the front and it played a jingle and the tip of the hat danced.  Even the adults enjoyed it...briefly.
 Someone is all worn out! (or trying to ruin Uncle Trevor's selfie... I'm not sure which.)
 The kids made moon dough.  It's a combination of shaving cream and cornstarch.  It was really cool once you got all the cornstarch mixed in.  The texture was so smooth and it smelled good!
I wish I had more pictures I could show you, but somehow, someway, somebody was smarter than me and changed my passcode on my phone... so I had to reset my phone and lost all those pictures.  Good thing memories can't be lost!

A couple weeks before our immediate family Christmas, we were able to go to Dad's family Christmas, which included Grandpa & Grandma Knapp's anniversary celebration.
 There were some that were unable to make it due to sickness, but we still had a good turnout!  Love these kids!

 No matter how hard you try, this is the best smile you're going to get out of Grandpa.

Me and my Dad.  He amazes me in the progress I see when I come back!  I know he feels like he's not getting anywhere when it is such a slow progress, but I am encouraged whenever I see him.  Thanks for all the prayers on his behalf!

Knobloch Christmas coming soon...