Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Another Christmas

We were glad Grandpa was able to join us for our family Christmas.  I never tire of his stories and words of wisdom.

He got lotion as part of his gift... he kept saying he didn't want anything, so we gave him $5.00 gift cards to a bunch of random places and some Bath & Body Works lotion.  Maybe he will come up with something next year...
Our gag gifts are my favorite!  We each get  $5.00 gag gift and all end up rolling with laughter as each one gets opened.  He got a "Lovebirds" cutting board.

One of the boys got this gem of a magnet.

And Dad... well... he got Fanny Floss, bathroom air freshener, and an adorable red purse that has been making its rounds for several years.

We sat around the table and ate and laughed and laughed some more.

Christmas Eve the cousins and a couple aunts got together for game night at our house.  I'm sure Julie is wondering what she is getting into by marrying into the family.

I'm so glad God blessed me with being a part of this incredible family!

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