Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Barnwood Planters

I was looking online for some planters that would fit around some ugly planters I already had.  I couldn't find any for the price I was willing to pay.  So my DH built 2 of these for me one night.  This picture is from my phone so sorry for the graininess.

They sat by my front door for awhile before I figured out what they really needed... stain!

I started on them Saturday afternoon.  Jake warned me that it felt like rain and that I should probably hold off.  I looked at and it only said 30% chance of rain- so I told him he was crazy, it wasn't gonna rain.  ha. ha. ha.

About 10 minutes later this rolled in.

Then this.

Then this!  Maybe my husband should have been a weather man?
So I had to grab everything and move it to the garage.
You can't really tell here, but one has its first coat of stain and the other hasn't had anything yet.
After 2 coats of stain...
I love how it looks.  It is the same stain we used on our porch swing so it helps tie in the front patio area.

The mums that survived from last year.  There was supposed to be 2 in each planter but only one made it through :(

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