Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Busy Summer in Mostly Pictures

Gorgeous sunset.  I have decided of all the places I have lived... Kansas has the best sunsets.

Jake has been working on putting in a spring development in the pasture this summer.  Now we won't have to chop ice in the winter for the cattle!  Yay!

The latest addition to JFK Farms... meet Skipper, a border collie.

I was getting ready to go running one night, and Jake stopped me and said that if I waited a few minutes he would go on a walk with me.  Well, of course!  We got about .00425 miles (okay... maybe that's a little dramatic) down the road and he calmly said, "This is one of those times I wish I would have kept my mouth shut!"  So I had to take a picture in case it never happens again!

Friends over for pizza and a pool party.

Skipper got a swimming lesson.

Cool dudes!

JFK Farms Seed Cleaning has been super busy this summer.  We are so thankful!

Went to the fair and ranch rodeo with some friends.

Yes, I left this photo small for a reason :)

 Ranch hands all ready to rope and brand!

He loved it!

I froze a bunch of blueberries for my smoothies this winter.

We are looking forward to a safe and bountiful harvest in the next few months!

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  1. Pretty sunset! I hope Skipper is settling well into his new home. I love the story about Jacob regretting joining your walk. Tell him I said he should venture out for a run with you sometime!! ;)