Wednesday, July 8, 2015

June Instagram

 My goodness!  I am slacking this summer!  Only 2 pictures from instagram in June.

My favorite part of the Madison Days parade.  Thank you for your service Grandpa!  

Cutest little beach bum ever!

Last month, the Knapp family went on our first ever mini family vacation.  We met up by Lake Rathbun and rented the whole Grey Goose Inn Bed & Breakfast.  I still need to get all of those pictures downloaded to my computer.  Hopefully you will see that post before too long!

We are looking forward to having visitors the next couple weekends!  Hope everyone's summer is going well!  We did corn this morning, July 9th, in sweatshirts.  Crazy, huh?  Next week the true July temperatures are returning to us and I am not looking forward to the humidity!

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