Monday, February 2, 2015

As promised...

...a long, long, time ago.  Here is the pictures of the couple remodel projects we worked on this past fall.   I LOVE how they turned out!
 We opened up this wall between the kitchen and family room.  It makes our broken up farm house so much more open!  This picture is looking from the kitchen into the family room, straight back to our bedroom.
 This picture is standing in the family room and looking into the kitchen.  Behind the kitchen is a bathroom and then the door goes out to the garage.  On the left of this picture is the dining room with the kitchen table.
 And here is our coffee station.  You may say we have a slight coffee addiction.  Thanks to my first job at Olde World in Mediapolis, I enjoy some fancy coffee.
My second project on the house.  I just did some major painting on this bedroom upstairs.  If you recall, it was all red.  Every wall in this room was red.  With red drippings all over the baseboards and floor.  See this post.
 This is the view you get when you walk in the door.  Behind the desk is a closet which sits in the middle of the room.  On either side of it is built in drawers and mirrors.  I designed this room to be a playroom and room for the kids to stay when they visit.  I painted the walls gray and all the trim white and used a coral color as an accent.
 This barn comes from Jacob's childhood.
 The curtain rods have little owls on the ends, but you can't really tell in this picture.  The curatins are from Kohl's.
 In this picture the door is on the far right.  I made the decorative balls above the bed from a Styrofoam ball, hot glue, and felt.  I still plan on hanging several more.  I kept thinking I was going to get to it, and that is one reason I hadn't posted these pictures yet.  I also still need to hang the shelf that is sitting on the floor in the bottom left of this picture.  I painted the shelf white and took the matching felt from the balls and glued it in the back of the cubbies.
 I have a couple special art displays that I hang the kid's art work on.  I LOVE getting pictures from our nieces and nephews in the mail!

A closer view of the bed.
 I had acquired this large bird cage from an aunt and it makes a great cage for all the stuffed animals.
 And last, but certainly not least, nor the easiest is the area rug I painted on the floor.  It was most definitely a learning experience, but I'm so glad I stuck with it.  I LOVE how it turned out. 
 P.S.  If I recall correctly... the first night I started on this, my husband got a text that went something like this "I quit!  This is so stupid!  Why did I ever think I could tackle this? (insert sobbing emoji here)"
Thanks for not giving up on this post!  I know it is long overdue, but to be fair... when I had the time to take pictures and post it, my house was never blog-worthy clean.
We had beautiful weather last week.  I believe we broke a record with a high of 78 in January!  We are paying for it now.  Yesterday was a mere 7.  But tomorrow is supposed to hit 55.  I guess that's what they say about Kansas.  Don't like the weather?  Stick around a few days... it will change.
Sneak Peek at what's to come:
Bedroom redo

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