Monday, December 8, 2014

Long Overdue

I know this is long overdue and I'm not even doing the other posts that I know I promised you on the remodel projects.  But they will be coming.  I promise.  I am, however, going to post my pictures from instagram so you get an idea of what I've been up to the last 6 weeks.  You can follow me on instagram-  jkknobloch

I went Christmas shopping November 1st with Liz, Alex, & Marissa.  This was our haul.

Farmers wife duties when hubby's in the field #farmblessings

Stock up prices... #dontjudge

We get this delivery every other Tuesday.  #bestcustomerever

Sonic ice cream run at 10:15 pm.  #datenightsuccess

It's a Creative Touch office day with Christmas music on.  Yep... I'm one of those! #creativetouchbykrystal

Evening card creation #creativetouchbykrystal

Our favorite cup to give guests  #oinkoink #creativetouchbykrystal

November 20th has been declared "mow over snow" day in the Knobloch house.

Our Tuesday delivery from Russell Stover's best customer... and ours too!

Happy Birthday Hulk!  First successful calf pulling. #farmerswife
At time of press, we now have Hulk, Bulk, and Moose- all massive calves that needed help coming into the world.

My inner 5-year-old self is entering the local papers coloring contest.  #slowday  #myhandhurtsnow

Decorating for Christmas when it's 65 degrees just seems wrong.

Thank you, Wlagreens, for supporting my addiction.  #candycaneeverything

Gifts for Hartford residents.  Kent & Marissa & us went shopping for 80 residents one evening.  Then, as a church we wrap them and deliver them.  This may be the only gift they receive for Christmas and are so appreciative!  It's humbling, really. 

Can you tell which gender was wrapping gifts tonight?

Yep!  The men!

Date night in a deer blind.  You win some, you lose some...

Successful date night.  I filled my tags.  #ihaveaproudhubby
Sorry for the gruesome pic of the second deer

And between all of these posts, I have been busy baking, working on orders, and completing our home study.  Thanks so much to all of you that follow along!  May you be filled with joy and happiness this Christmas season and always.

P.S.  I can't get rid of the big space at the top of the post, not sure what happened!  Sorry :)

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  1. I love those candies...wonder if they have em up north?