Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Pranks and the cutest visitors!

My brother Kyle and his family came and visited a couple weeks ago and we had such a good time.  
The kids helped me prank my sister-in-law by putting googly eyes on everything in her fridge.  We also took glow in the dark ones and put them on her bedroom windows and on the soap, shampoo, etc. in her bathrooms.  Ha!  Don't you think all things look cuter with eyes?

We hit up Dairy Queen after a little bit of shopping.
I had gotten some fun colored bubbles to try, but was royally disappointed...  They were colored in the bottles, but once you blew them, you couldn't tell at all.  Notice Tessa's super cute boots!  It was the best shopping purchase of the day.  She kept saying, "I can't stop looking at my boots!"  A girl after my own heart <3
After Tessa ate her blue slushie, she pretended to lick the sidewalk chalk popsicle.  It just happened to match.
I didn't have any pictures of Drake because he went with the men to fill an airplane with seed that flew over some of our ground to plant it.  I'm pretty sure that was a whole lot funner than shopping with the girls!
Aren't they just adorable?!  I will most definitely claim them as my nieces and nephew!...well... most of the time :)  Just kidding!  Love you guys and you need to quit growing up so fast!  It seems like yesterday you were born!  Even though I don't get to see you near as often as I would like, you always make me feel special!  Looking forward to seeing you at Thanksgiving!

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