Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Anniversary Outing

Our 6th anniversary was on June 8th which happened to be the same time we were in Iowa, so on our way home we stayed over night in Kansas City for a little celebrating.  We ate at The Melting Pot Sunday night downtown on the Plaza.  Jake wasn't so sure about this high falutin' place, but was willing to try anything once.  And he was so glad he did!
 We told them it was our anniversary so they sat us in a private booth that was behind curtains.  So we took some pictures.  I warned him, that they were going on the blog.  So this is what face he chose to make... Haha!  That's one of the things I love about him!
 Our first course was cheese fondue.
 The 2nd course was a salad.
 The third course was the main course with the meat and broth fondue.  I chose the steak platter, while Jacob is a little more adventurous when it comes to food and chose a platter that contained duck and some other odd things...  This course also came with six different dipping sauces that were phenomenal. 

 We each had 3 fondue forks and it took about a minute and a half to two minutes to cook the meat.  They also gave us a bowl of veggies to throw in the broth and cook with the meat.
 And the fourth and final and most fabulous course was the chocolate fondue.  It was accompanied with a delicious plate of fruit, cakes, brownies, oreo covered marshmallows, and rice krispie treats.
 We chose the caramel toffee crunch chocolate and it did not disappoint!

 At the end of the meal, they left us with 6 chocolate covered strawberries.
After such a filling supper, we headed to our hotel, also on the Plaza.  We stayed at the Raphael Signature Hotel by Marriott.  So my husband was a little nervous when I told him it didn't have a Super 8 on the door, but we thoroughly enjoyed our stay... 
 ...which included breakfast in bed!

We kind of bummed around in the morning, not in any big hurry to get going.  We ended up just browsing and doing a little shopping downtown and headed the rest of the way home after lunch.  
I can't believe it has been 6 years already!  I love him more each day!  God has been so good to us and we continue to thank Him for His hand in our lives!

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