Monday, December 30, 2013

Our Christmas

My gifts for Jacob that I had Lilah help me wrap.  I love brown paper packages tied up with string!
 Jacob's gifts for me... yep... this is how it is every year!  I don't mind though really.  It's the thought that counts :)

 He is a Tundra maniac (thanks Mark & Erika Mueller!)
 Definitely a good sign for his shop!  Don't touch them!  Don't move them!  Don't borrow them! Don't even look at them!

 My loot.  He got me some winter running gear...
...and a ipod/phone running arm band, a blowdryer, lots of chapstick (I use it all the time and have to have it everywhere!), work gloves, warm socks, wireless mouse, and miscellaneous others.

We hope everyone had a blessed Christmas and that we always keep the real meaning of Christmas in our hearts!

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