Tuesday, October 30, 2012

A Whole Month Already???

I can't believe it's been a whole month already since I last posted.  It is definantly NOT because I haven't done anything creative :)  I have been busy getting ready for a craft show and I did remember to take pictures.  However, the only time I seem to have to post is at work and I have to bring my camera here and upload the pics to my work PC, which is not real feasible.  So, maybe after the craft show on Saturday I will find the time to upload them.

I am itching to do some painting!  I would like to do my bathroom first.  I just want to update paint, hardware, etc.  No tearing anything down or trying to build something for this girl. (this time)  I have to do these kind of things while J is gone so he doesn't complain too much.  He has said numerous times that there is only 2 rooms in this entire house that you haven't painted since we've been married...  soon to be 0 :)  There is even a room or 2 that I would like to redo already.  I am finally kind of figuring out what my taste is, and making that coordinate with the entire house so it all kind of goes together.

So, be looking out for the bathroom makeover.  I have found lots of inspiration on shanty-2-chic.com  I love their style!  So if you go over there you can sort of get a preview of what is to come.

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