Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Busy September

We had some lovely Aussies visiting Labor Day weekend.  Jacob's aunt was a  part of a program when she was in college that she was able to spend about 10 months in Australia learning.  She lived with Malcolm's family for part of the time she was there.  We enjoyed getting to know them and learning about Australia! 

I spent many a afternoon and night with this as my view this month.

Mom and Dad came for a short visit and I put her perfectionism to work in my kitchen.

While Dad enjoyed relaxing.

We went to Branson for a few days with Jacob's family.
And visited Big Brutus on our way home.  It is the largest electric shovel in the world... Right here in Kansas.  Sounds exciting, doesn't it?  I assure you, us ladies were done LONG before the men.
We had the Sunday School boys over for a swimming party.  It was a little cool, but they insisted it wasn't too cold...
Some of them lasted a whole 3 minutes!
We were able to break in the fire pit when the evenings started getting chilly.
Harvest is starting now, so it will get busier before it slows down!  

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